The Good News: Everyone has a website…

Now the Bad News: Everyone has a website

How to Make Better Web Choices and Avoid the Pitfalls of Quickie Templates & Why Custom Design is Scalable, Cost-Effective and better in the long run.


In this day and age of instant gratification and constant consumption of technological messages that come from our online lives, everyone will soon come to grips with the reality, yes, you need a website. How you develop, nurture, meticulously plan and fine tune that website will organically decide whether it’s going to work for your or against you in the long run.

The Good News is everyone can have a website, and also the Bad News is everyone can have a website. Web Design comes with Web Principles that are evolving, layering, and becoming synthesized in a regulatory process that is ushering new ways aggregate content, sell instantaneously and intuitively assimilated data to better serve you. Its takes expertise, trained education, dedication, self-efficacy, and strategic analysis to constantly keep up with the changes in Internet Protocols and design heuristics, interactivity, and accessibility methodologies. This is where you need an expert in custom web design.

Advantages of Custom Web Design
Custom web design may cost a little more, but its worth more. The price of having an online portal and personal brand which will instantly produce trust, admiration, and assist in the capturing and nurturing of a loyal following to you, your brand, or your business – is invaluable. Aiming high from the start will save you money in the long run. You’re paying for quality and experience, and quality and experience will pay for themselves many times over. Every distinguished business owner should have web makeover, because they can. In the future you will thank yourselves a million times over that you took the time to do it right from the start. Customized highly experienced help will seamlessly incorporate revenue generators, effective branding and online presence for a strong foundation providing many years of prosperity to come.

Custom Design Cultivates:

  • Trust, Authority, Expertise
  • Ownership
  • Professionalism
  • Brand Expandable
  • Scalable – Flexible Design
  • Sell & Migrate
  • Backup your website
  • Clone & Duplicate site for additional stores
  • Sophistication

Disadvantages of Free Website Template Gimmicks

The bad news not everyone takes the time to know what they are their available options and thus are rushing into pitfalls of unsuccessful start-ups.

Try to Avoid Free Template GimmicksIn the future, say in the best case scenario, your website is doing well and productive and it’s now time for the next evolution or level. Ok decisions, decisions. This is where the stonewall will begin and you discover obstacles to incorporating new complex custom features. You are limited or denied permission to access your basic website files. You will not able to clone, duplicate and migrate to new web servers. See they didn’t tell you, you could’ve duplicated your now successful website and all its and created additional successful sites perhaps under different names to create exponential successful businesses, that is of course if you owned it.  You can’t now.  You are stuck with the monthly payments plans that can charge more without notice, and you can’t move the website to a new provider. Whereas if you own your website you can freely Sell your Website, Duplicate your website, Upgrade Tools, Migrate, Integrate Sophisticated Plug-ins, and do anything imaginable to upscale your site.

Negatives to Free Template Websites:

  • No Ownership (You are essentially renting your website)
  • Difficulty with Custom and Incorporating features
  • Denied or limited access to site files
  • Unable to duplicate, migrate or clone website
  • Looks amateurish
  • Stuck with the same web host provider and costs for life (which is a very long time considering the Internet has only been around a few decades)


Web Design Principles