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20% Off First 4 Custom Web Design Marketing Packages Sign-up

ATLANTA,GA, February 24 / — To celebrate the launch of its new co-branded SuperPackages™  for custom web development, MYSUPERDESIGNER© ( has made the platform more accessible and affordable than ever for emerging eCommerce entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, and small-medium businesses (SMBs).

Taking the headache out of the web development and this company expertly revolutionizes web strategies and marketing impact. MYSUPERDESIGNER© created quicker online tools for managing immediate website needs, and better packages to boost web traffic with security. They have made major renovations to offer enhanced packages of Professional Custom Web Design, SEO traffic, and through this special promotion, more affordably than ever before. Now offering 20% Off the first 4 Custom Web Design Marketing Packages with Sign-up. MYSUPERDESIGNER© founder Daaimah Vazquez  says, “Now business can leverage the full impact of online business and create strategic revenue solutions that are propel their businesses will making sure marketing and advertising cost fall within their budget. Even without this discount, MYSUPERDESIGNER© pricing is a lot less than other professional awarded competitors, just one of the reasons why they love our custom design. We believe everyone should have a website and we aim to keep our prices affordable with an expert touch.”

This SuperPackages™ edition of MYSUPERDESIGNER© services will provide a unique double-sided program, in which to enhance specialty features in the latest in usability, accessibility, and interactivity standards.  MYSUPERDESIGNER© delivers aesthetic and technology solutions for your complete needs. For your SEO and content needs, we further specialize in creating web content, design, development, and building web traffic to convert user clicks to revenue (monetize). MYSUPERDESIGNER© develops web/graphic packages in customized or ready-made packages that impact customers’ marketing initiatives so they can more effectively spend their marketing budget.

MYSUPERDESIGNER© trains the client to be more attune to emerging marketing trends and to grow to be authorities and experts in their niche market.

Those MYSUPERDESIGNER© clients who’ve worked closely with the platform have been excited to watch its development from an independent web design provider to an advanced CRM and marketing automation platform. In fact, the company has been in web development business since 2003, and has achieved impressive awards – awarded two of the Atlanta Marketer of the Year (AMY) awards for a nation-wide website and print media campaign, which was created in collaboration with the Atlanta Zoo ultimately raised over $400,000 in support of keeping giant pandas in Atlanta. And the U.S. Surgeon General has highlighted MYSUPERDESIGNER© for Georgia Tech, Architecture Department at two national conferences, with promising even more great things to come with projects from Georgia Tech.

Plus, MYSUPERDESIGNER© will offer all paid expert services offered by SuperPackages – including content preparation, automation design, and API integration – at approximately half the cost of its competitors. That’s a major cost-saver for businesses.


Based in Atlanta, GA, MYSUPERDESIGNER© specializes in results-driven eCommerce technology and custom marketing design.

Daaimah Vazquez
(336) 646-5090