Lynching: The System of Blood Justice

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20% Off First 4 Custom Web Design Marketing Packages Sign-up

ATLANTA,GA, February 24 / — To celebrate the launch of its new co-branded SuperPackages™  for custom web development, MYSUPERDESIGNER© ( has made the platform more accessible and affordable than ever for emerging eCommerce entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, and small-medium businesses (SMBs).

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The Good News: Everyone has a website…

Now the Bad News: Everyone has a website

How to Make Better Web Choices and Avoid the Pitfalls of Quickie Templates & Why Custom Design is Scalable, Cost-Effective and better in the long run.


In this day and age of instant gratification and constant consumption of technological messages that come from our online lives, everyone will soon come to grips with the reality, yes, you need a website. How you develop, nurture, meticulously plan and fine tune that website will organically decide whether it’s going to work for your or against you in the long run.

The Good News is everyone can have a website, and also the Bad News is everyone can have a website. Web Design comes with Web Principles that are evolving, layering, and becoming synthesized in a regulatory process that is ushering new ways aggregate content, sell instantaneously and intuitively assimilated data to better serve you. Its takes expertise, trained education, dedication, self-efficacy, and strategic analysis to constantly keep up with the changes in Internet Protocols and design heuristics, interactivity, and accessibility methodologies. This is where you need an expert in custom web design.

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Web Principles 101

Web Design Principles

Web Design Professionals have a wide range of expertise, each component are engaged in a major decision – when its executed right. Below outlines 9 basic principles of good web design that are considered essential critical points to creating a website that brings in a high number of conversions.

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New Custom Web Packages


Starter Web Design

Our Starter Basic Website Package will improve or start your online presence. Having a better website than your competition is important, and we’ll also provide consultation on internet marketing services. We’ll work with you through one-on-one meetings, video conferencing, or by email to make sure your website mockup is aligned with your vision and services.  This creative package include 100% custom design that is a great fit for bloggers, portfolios, small business startups, and artists. Responsive design with content management capability with intuitive administrative interface for changes on the go.

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